Time’s up for Blunderfone

If you have a complaint with a mobile phone provider in the UK, you must go to Ofcom, who say there is nothing they can do so go to Otelo, who say you have to wait 12 weeks before they can do anything, that’s 12 weeks AFTER you have exhausted Vodafone’s own complaints department.

So finally the time is up and Vodafone have run out of time to respond to my official written complaint, this is about what was started in March of this year. Wow we consumers are really looked after hey?

Anyway so I rang Otelo who said, send us the letter you sent them, then we’ll draft a letter up and we’ll send it to you for confirmation, then you send it back and we’ll send it to Vodafone.

Kind of makes you think … consumer rights, yes it would be very nice to have some. Oh this by the way is the civilised Great Britain that we should all be thankful for living in because it’s so wonderful and modern and people are looked after.


Profit and power rules and everyone knows it.

I’ll wait with bated breath to see how long Otelo take to turn this around.

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