The unbreakable joss stick.

The unbreakable joss stick
The unbreakable joss stick

Yes folks I bring you here a picture of the amazing, the confounding, the must-be-real-magic of the indubitably fantastical … Unnnnnnnn … breakablllllllllllllllle … JOSS STICK!!!

See how despite burning down to within an inch of the base, it has bent smoothly and gracefully into a lovely arc of unbroken ash, and laid it’s head as if to sleep on it’s resting pyre.

Indeed below it’s majestic wave of death, you can clearly see the turd-like remnants of the stick that had gone before, alas not so prettily or gracefully.

I did nothing to hinder or help this stick but I think it may well be a sign from the Gods. Of what I know not, perhaps a lament for the time to come when the bull of my manhood will droop it’s tired head?

Tomorrow, I’m going to see how mighty it is and jack the van up with it 🙂

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