Ronald Biggs it up for the last post?

BRAZIL BIGGSRonald Biggs it up as a free man, after aiding in the killing of the brave Jack Mills who said Norfolk n Chance when they told him to move the train. He was beaten with a cosh and later died of his injuries as a result of his stoic bravery.

I’m honestly not sure how I feel about him being released. I mean, he’s served about 9 of the years he was sentenced to, but none of the other members of the train robbers, most of whom were also on the run for years or escaped from prison, have served that many more. The getaway driver Roy James served the most, with a hefty 12 years under his belt, whilst Buster Edwards, who had a film made about him fgs, served only 9. Buster remember was supposed to have been the man who actually took the cosh to Jack Mills, leaving him with fatal injuries.

So, in comparison to his thieving companions at least, Biggs has probably served a fair sentence. So why does he only achieve release after becoming terminally ill? Is it because he went on the run and only returned to get health care? OK So he was being punished for escaping, rather than for his crime. So what sentence would he actually have served? I really can’t say how long he should serve, I don’t even know what part he took in the robbery. But I do know I have read of people committing murder and attempted murder only to be released within 8 years. What’s that about? You deliberately attempt to take someone’s life and you get less prison time than some men who steal some money? Yes they coshed Jack Mills and he died. That’s callous to cosh him and tragic that he died but then are all members of the gang to be sentenced for murder as they were present, or just the one who wielded the cosh?

The money Ronald Biggs has cost us in keeping him in prison and his medical care could well be used by someone who deserves it after leading a good and honest life. I think the best sentence would have been to have denied him his return to the UK. What was the justification to allow him to return? To punish him? Clearly jailing him and giving him the best health care is not a punishment. In my view, the British Govt has it’s head screwed on backwards and is keeping it safe up it’s own arse.

My guess and the only sensible conclusion I can come to, is that the ministers involved in returning him to Britain probably wanted to pick his brains to find out how best to scam the people who elected the numb-brained fools and who best to ask than an old lag like Biggs?

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