Revolutionary Magic Tyre fixer!

Puncture repairer
Puncture repairer

Well there I am in Feu Vert, France’s answer to Halfords trying to find one of those compressor type things that inflate your tyre. I’ve had a slow puncture for weeks now thanks to a screw in the tread, but my tyres are Vanco 2’s so you can’t repair them. There’s still life left in them though so I’ve been topping up now and again but it’s cost me € far just in tyre inflating machines.

Sitting in an aire once I got chatting to a British lad who loaned me his Dad’s compressor and it worked a treat, so I promised myself I’d get one. It would come in handy for the bike too. But here they are in Fey Vert’s for a whopping €75! Feck that! But the lad is really nice so i let him sell me his cheapest bottle of puncture repair squirt. You can pay €12 but he had the one pictured for a fiver so I said aww what the heck I’ll try it out.

Well you’re not going to believe this but, I filled the tyre and it’s been 6 days now and it has not gone down one little bit! Bloody marvellous! So I have been to Carrefour and now have two of them as spares. I admit to being a cynic but these things really do work. God knows how though as I can’t read the instructions 🙂



This lasted me until I got back to the UK 2 months later, and 1 month after that got up north and had some new tyres fitted.

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