Jessops gives me the brush off Grr!

Rubbish brush
Rubbish brush

I bought a small air-pump and brush from Jessops. It was only a couple of quid, and “Yes,” enthused the young lad behind the counter, “this should be in every photographers kit and is specially developed for digital SLR’s such as the Canon 5D. Furthermore … ” he excitedly told me, “it will save you loads of money as sensor cleaning is about £20 a time.  Not only that … ” he fervently continued, “but you can use it for your lenses too, and all the hard to reach areas such as the viewfinder window and around the controls.” OK I’m sold on it then. Sounds to me like my life hasn’t been properly complete without it.

So, sitting in the garden of the Chateau de Versailles I decide now is the time to clean my sensor as I’m getting tiny marks on every single picture I take. Out with my infallible high-tech cleaner and lets be at it then. So, the first brush against the sensor makes one thing clear and one thing not clear. It’s clear that despite frantic pressing of the small rubber bulb, I’m not going to get enough air out of this thing to dislodge a feather. You can’t hold something stable and press it that hard and that frequent anyway. Hmmm.

Also, it’s left streaky brush marks on my sensor! Grr! OK out with the trusty optical cloth and wipe those nasty marks away. I’ll start again. Ahhh but … starting again has the same effect. Not only is this device useless for blowing air out of, but it’s also leaving streaks on my sensor.  Now let me tell you these sensors are not cheap to replace!

Now another problem. The optical cloth is guaranteed not to scratch your glass, so I always carry one for the lenses. However, they make no guarantee about lint from the cloth. So now I have hundreds of tiny hairs and dots all over my screen. After much huffing and blowing, I reckon I’m about 100 times worse off than when I started. 🙁

The moral of the story is, do NOT believe the spotty kid in Jessops who says those £2 blowers are good for digital cameras. They are cheap, ineffective CRAP! and look up ^, there’s a mug shot of one of the beastly things. I’m now off to find a decent camera shop to get the sensor, mirror and screen professionally cleaned.

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