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Hanging basket

Well I wanted a hanging basket for the van but after weeks of searching I could not find one small enough to fit, and look good.

So I spotted a wicker candle holder and bought it for a quid. Inside was the candle holder bit itself so I unwired that and threw it away, then found a B n Q and got some thin brass effect chain.  Add a gold effect hook that I already had and hey Presto!

Check it out! ^^

So far I have had 2 ivy plants and a spider plant in it and they all died. My youngest daughter Keighly, made me some cuttings last year of an Aloe Vera plant she had and she guaranteed it would grow because as she said “They’re tough and grow anywhere and you just can’t kill them!”

Well Keighly, the Aloe Vera plant you made for me lasted about 2 months before it finally lost the will to live 🙁

So, my hanging basket looks all forlorn as it hangs emptily in front of the window. Any suggestions as to what hardy plant might live in there are welcomed.

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