Hooray for the RSPCA

home_logoI just tried to contact the RSPCA and I found that they are using 0300 numbers across their contact number range.

This is an excellent step forward, as 0300 numbers are included within your free minutes allowance on your mobile, unlike 0800 numbers. If you have no minutes left, then they charge you at the same rate as from a landline. Cool eh? Way to go the RSPCA lets have more organisations doing that.

Sadly their website needs tidying up. I spent about a half hour on it, then I rang them on their shiny 0300 number, then I searched the site again with an assistant. She had the worst telephone voice and manner ever and it took ages to find where we should be. Their website is NASTY! Saying that, most business websites are, they might score 95% for looking good and amount of content, but usability on most websites I come across is about 20%. Oddly, the RSPCA’s website uses around about 40% of the space available on the screen, yet the text is tiny! Come on RSPCA, who designed your appalling website and more importantly, what incredibly ridiculous price did you pay for it!

Maybe I should have a worst websites section on here lol

Anyway, the RSPCA like a lot of other websites, places a whole lot of importance on control and they force you to give lots of personal information about yourself to register before you can even email them! There is an issue about privacy here. Why do the RSPCA need so much personal information that they refuse to let you email them unless you give them the info about you that they require? Sounds a bit suss to me! Surely the information you have about the welfare of animals is more important than who you are?

The other issue is, for a caring organisation their website is arrogant and unbending in forcing information out of you before you can complete even the most basic of tasks, emailing them. So, sadly, despite my serious misgivings about the welfare of some animals, I refuse to bend to petty control and long winded processes simply to be able to tell someone what I saw and photographed.

RSPCA, If you dont care enough to let me easily give you the information, I don’t care enough to jump through hoops to get it to you.

Stalemate. The only losers are the animals.

Why are so many organisations so very arrogant in the 21st century? I think that’s a subject for another post entirely 🙂


I’ve just downloaded their last financial postings … bloody hell! Did you know that 100’s of millions of pounds go through the RSPCA every year??? They’ve still got over 80 Million in reserve! Bloody Nora! All I can say is too many people giving wayyyyyyyyy too much money to help animals, when there’s starving and abused kids who could use the money. I’m actually shocked at the amount of money that they get through. I would never have guessed.
I should have though, I have worked for many charities in my time and I have seen money squandered left right and centre. I vowed some time ago I would never give another penny to any charity under any circumstances. I’ve stuck to that too. (I’m not of course even hinting that the RSPCA squander money, just that every other charity I have ever worked for has, to varying degrees, wasted money. One of them wasted a significant amount but, lets leave that for another post eh? 🙂

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