Check out my shiny knob

And here it is….

My shiny knob

Nice eh? What happened to the boring old grey one then that came with the van? I hear you ask. Well, there lies a story….

As I drove it was becoming ever more difficult to select fifth and reverse. I was really using a lot of strength to get fifth or reverse. I did go to a garage to have it seen to, but although Citroens are identical to Peugeots, they refused to work on it. They sent me to a Peugeot garage which after almost an hour of driving around I gave up trying to find. I reckon they sent me on a wild goose chase.

Anyway, it got worse, and one day close to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, I couldn’t get reverse at all no matter what I did. I was at the time across both carriageways of the road too, as I’d been in the process of making a U turn. Well, you can imagine my horror! lol

Nothing I did could get reverse and in the effort of trying, unbelievably, the knob snapped off the gearstick. I just sat looking at it, I couldn’t believe it. You just can’t break those things. So, in desperation, a drove forward pretty sharpish til I hit the grassy bank by the side of the road, then let the van roll back from the slight incline I’d hit. It took 3 attempts but in the end I got far enough back to be able to turn around and continue driving. Phew!

I found a car park and decided to look at the gear stick assembly to see if it can be adjusted. After dismantling it I found it could easily be adjusted, but that would mean I could either have reverse or fifth, but not both. Result! At least I got reverse, I can live without fifth.
It turns out that the gear linkage had seized as the water draining from the windscreen pours over the linkage and corrodes it. Built in fault, thanks Peugeot 🙂

Anyway, I got my shiny new knob for a few Euros and I hate it cos on cold mornings it’s freezing!

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