Another tooth on the way out

Bloody hell, ever since I gave up smoking I’ve had nothing but problems! No really, my health has been terrible since giving up smoking and I wonder if it’s actually possible to cause yourself problems by stopping so suddenly? I mean, 35 years of non-stop smoking … it has to have had some affect on me.

Anyway … this time the filling in my molar has finally given up the ghost and now no matter what I eat, it feels like a team of navvies are ramming gravel into my teeth and splitting them apart. It’s going to be a long time until October I can tell.

Thinking about it though, I’ve been a heavy smoker for 35 years, rolling my own as well as tailor-mades for 33 of those years, yet I have had 2¬†molars extracted by the dentist, 1 by me, and another which may be saved but may have to come out. Don’t they say you lose 1 tooth for every ten years of smoking? Well, that’s my four for four decades, so maybe with any luck I won’t lose any more? I’m not sure how true it is though as¬† the other top ‘fang’ is dead I’m sure, it feels the same way as the other one did before I had to remove it.

Crikey, I may well end up Gummy Gurning Gary hahahaha

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