Some flies
Some flies

Picquigny was a nice little village that we stopped off in, on our way to Samara. The riverside walks are awesome and you can actually walk to Samara from here. It was so peaceful there and we only passed a handful of people.

My friend Nicki from Dorset is a budding photographer, and there is a pond near her house where she got some amazing pictures of dragonflies one day. That set me off wanting to take some as I rarely take pictures of animals or people.

So I took some last year when I was in Dorset and I got some rather nice ones. So because of that I spent a very enjoyable couple of hours until the light faded chasing insects by the riverbank near Picquigny in the hope of a decent shot.

I almost wore my camera batteries out in my attempts to picture them, but I was pleased enough with some of the results.

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2 thoughts to “Picquigny”

  1. OMG!!!!!!!! You have the dragonfly bug! lol lol lol these pictures are awesome! I absolutely love the way you captured the wings in flight and because you have focused on the still one, the other one is blurred, it makes it even more spectacular! love it!

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