Troyes at night
Troyes at night

Stupid title, but Troyes apparently is pronounced Trwarr, like the French 3. I came across it after leaving Reims and not really having any firm plan, was just driving to see where I arrived. I came across Troyes and I’m glad I did. It’s a most gorgeous place full of character and old buildings.

It’s easy to get around the place but like a lot of French towns, the market is not cheap. However one stall charged 1.40 for a bag of radishes whilst another 30 yards away charged 65 cents. Weird. Lovely place to wander round though and I’m sure that some of the oldĀ  buildings are actually brand new. However if so they are really well built and it’s so difficult to tell that I wouldn’t care. It looks great.

Another thing I found in the town centre is a carousel. These seem popular with the French for some reason. In the ultra modern la Defense district of Paris, by the Grande Arche there’s also a carousel and I’ve seen others dotted about.

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