Acer Aspire 8930

This is typed on my brand new laptop, the Acer Aspire 8930, bought about 8 weeks ago in desperation when Vodafone failed me (yet again!) and I thought my trusty old Dell was broken.

It’s an awful laptop and here’s why.

Although it has an 18.4in screen and is 1080p HD, with wcg (whatever that is) the screen image quality is awful. It’s bigger which is better for work, but move even a couple of inches left or right, or up o down from dead centre of the screen, and the picture starts to deteriorate. It’s extremely difficult editing my photos as I have to move my head all over the place to keep my eyes on the same plane as the screen. IN addition, the slightest bit of sunlight blinds you and even bright daylight obscures the screen.¬† Thumbs down for the Acer screen.

Next up is the all powerful Tube, true 5.1 surround sound. It’s dubbed (pun not intended) by Acer as the best sound coming from a laptop. Well I’m here to tell you different.
If you play a CD on it yes, the sound is pretty good,¬†however if you play a DVD it’s a different story. What happens is if the voices are good, the background music is tinny as anything, ruining the DVD of course. If you go into the Acer HD audio manager and untick “swap centre/subwoofer output”, the opposite happens: the background music is great but the voices are thin and tinny.
Huge shame, as I have a collection of almost 1,400 DVD’s, that’s how much I like my movies. Thumbs down for the Acer sound.

Blu Ray? Pah. I bought one disc to try it out and guess what? Absolutely no difference whatsoever between that and a DVD. IN fact it’s significantly slower to load, and I got skipping and jumping as it tried to read the disc. The inbuilt Acer program for playing DVD’s doesn’t migrate to Window 7, so you have to find a player yourself and pay extra for it.
Thumbs down for the Acer Blu Ray player.

Ports……2 USB. 2 USB! Can you believe in this day and age, they fitted only 2 USB ports on a machine as physically large as this! Thumbs down for Acer design.

The full size keyboard is appalling. You have to thump it to get it to register a key press. I now have aching fingers regularly due to having to hammer the keys. Thumbs down for the keyboard.

Now this laptop claims to have a 2 gig processor, 4 gig of RAM and over 2 gig of video memory. Why then is it soooooooooooooo slow! It has by far the worst performance of any computer I’ve ever owned, despite having the highest specs. Thumbs down for performance.

It’s not easy to open with one hand and it uses quite a lot of power, so overall it’s a massive, huge thumbs down for this, and as Acer flatly refuse to supply me with a Windows disc unless I buy it from them, I will absolutely never touch another Acer again.

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One thought to “Acer Aspire 8930”

  1. My desktop is an Acer. After 8 months it failed to boot, so back to Acer for service.

    It was returned with faults on the hard disk. So back again.

    They don’t use next day but a 2-3 day collection/return service.

    In over a quater of a century in the personal computer trade, I’ve never experienced such a poor company.

    I’ll never by another Acer


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