I’d been following the signs for Chateaudun for some time and I actually can’t recall why. I think simply because it had Chateau in the name. I’d stopped for a couple of nights on the way as I’d found a great place to park up in the middle of nowhere.

Anyway when I got to Chateaudun it was very late at night but still very warm. So I got Jack out of the van and we went for a walkabout. I found a very old area and the small chateau hidden away down a side street, we didn’t even bother going into it. I also found a free parking area where I could sleep so I moved the van into that later on after we’d had a wander.

I am on my holidays from work still, so I got up early the next day and there was a market set up in the town square. Typically as I’ve found in France the market is mostly fresh vegetables and fruit, some meat and fish and a few clothes and other items. Like British markets they’re not what they used to be and prices were up to double supermarket prices. I do buy some things though and this time I got some tomatoes and a peach. They were lovely and fresh and tasty, but only as fresh and tasty as those from a Leclerc or a Carrefour.

I found an SFR shop and between my crap French and a sales girls’ crap English we managed to ascertain that a pay as you go USB modem would cost €10 per day to use. No cheaper than Vodafone’s current deal so at the moment not really worth it. Although I may have to get one as Vodafone’s is not working out here either and their £10 per 24 hours is only a 3 month promotion til the end of August. I’ll have to seriously look at that at a later date.

I had a wander around the town which was really nice although probably very boring if you lived there. I found a bookshop and finally paid €5.50 for a French/English dictionary as I was struggling with  many of the words. French people by and large are not very helpful in teaching you their language, even though they’re the first to bleat that no-one tries to learn it.

I also found a laundrette, or Lavarie. Whooo hooo!! I moved the van to the other side of town where the laundrette was located, and got 2 bin liners of washing. I set off happily and even had a tin of iced tea which was delicious. I however put one load of washing on a cold wash which didn’t spin and the other one got locked in when the machine stuck! Crikey it could only happen to me! Never mind I rang out the unspun washing and managed to get the other washing out of the machine and for all I know that machine is running to this day. The dryer was so hot though that everything was dry in about a half hour so I set off on the road again a happy chap, on my way to Chartres.

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