A French woman’s home is her castle

Chateau Chenonceau, Loire Valley, France
Chateau Chenonceau, Loire Valley, France

Ahhh one of my favourite Chateaux, Chenonceau is built as you can see right over a river. It’s an incredible building and I love the look of it and the grounds that surround it. It’s got a fabulous long avenue of trees leading up to it, then a small keep type gatehouse even though there’s no gate there.

There’s a full market garden and a maze in the woods and the old stables have been converted into a restaurant. If you take in the grounds you could easily spend a day here. I noticed people walking into the kitchen, taking a photo then leaving. But if you looked around there was things to see.

Like the weight that hung off a gearing system. It was led out of the window on a thin rope. As it sank it turned the spit, then when it got to it’s length it could be cranked back up again. Very clever I thought.

So well worth a look around I think and it has tons of fantastic history for those who wish to investigate.

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