The Blue Pool

Spiders web
Spiders web

I found the Blue Pool by chance as I was driving along and noticed a brown sign  pointing off a roundabout. I went to check it out and after a long drive down a narrow country lane I found a little office that gave me a leaflet.

Apparently there’s some chemical in the soil and water that makes the water go blue. Well it was more of a green when I was there but never mind, it was definitely coloured and quite eerie.

So I set off walking in the grounds without consulting the very good map with walks marked on it.  It’s fairly easy to find your way around, but doesn’t matter if you get lost because all paths bring you back to the front gate. The grounds are actually very nice and I had a really nice half day just walking around in them.

They even have tracks to follow for those in wheelchairs.

The tea room/cafe is very nice and I was served my earl grey  by a lovely lady who despite being 15 years older than me was quite hot!

The weather was great for me so I had an ace time just wandering around, taking photographs and generally enjoying myself. 🙂

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