Tree hanging over a shaded pool
A shaded pool

Studland I found out is the point of land that is west of Poole harbour. It’s National Trust land so it has some typical restrictions. The long road that leads to Studland has borders either side that people use for parking, as parking is minimal here. The end of the road is the ferry across the harbour so make sure you have some change before you go through the toll booths.

I did go across just to be able to say I had and stopped by the road to take in the view. There was a small cigarette shop so I popped in and asked for some Golden Virginia. “Under or over the counter Sir?” He asked. Having lived for years in a dodgy estate in Washington I knew straight away what he meant so I said “Under”, put my debit card away and counted out how much cash I had. £60 … excellent. I’ll have ten pouches matey. That was me sorted for fags for 2 months!

It’s got some magnificent beach here, but be warned there is a nudist area not that far from the main car park. Aesthetically there’s nothing special about Studland, so don’t expect any fantastic photos from here. It’s main attraction for me was the amount of walking you can do in a small space of land. Jack loved it too but then he loves all beaches. 🙂

I was saddened by the amount of tourists who drop litter here. The laybys and picnic areas were shameful. It’s not just chavs though, I saw a middle aged “Mrs Bouquet” type lady step out of a new Rover just to throw some litter out of the car and into the bushes.

Nevertheless although there’s nothing specific to go back for, I enjoyed my visit and the chance to see the mighty Poole Harbour, and probably will visit again.

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