Kimmeridge Bay

A fossil
A fossil

Check out my fossil!!  >>>

Heh heh. Kimmeridge Bay is a private park and beach which forms part of the Jurassic coast. I’d gone down there to see if I could find a fossil as I’ve never found one before. Sure enough I did! It cost me quite a few scratches and bruises but I actually found three. It’s a real buzz of excitement when you do find one, as they’ve lain there for some millions of years undisturbed, then you are the one to come along and free it. Wicked.

I took photographs and left them there as there are signs asking you not to take fossils from the beach. It was only after I’d left that I thought about it and how stupid that was.

See, those fossils are so common that they have no scientific interest. The cliffs are falling apart anyway so a few people digging at the base isn’t going to make a massive difference compared to what the sea does to it. Also, if you leave them what happens to them? They get washed away by the tide or buried in the sand!

So I did as I was told without thinking, then later wished I’d kept one. It’s a very English thing to try and control people and constantly tell them what to do, so I suspect that was the real motivation behind the signs. Typical controlling, probably by the local council.

Nevertheless I loved it there and really enjoyed finding them even if I didn’t keep them. Maybe not the best part of the Jurassic Coast, but peaceful, uncrowded and fun anyway.

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