Corfe Castle

Silhouette of Corfe castle
Corfe castle

My mate suggested a day out at Corfe Castle as she lives not far from it.  Although I like castles, I’m not hugely into ruined ones. I mean … what’s the point? Nevertheless I trundled along and me and her lad did some man stuff while she gasped for breath walking up the road from the car park hahaha

The very odd thing was, the entrance to the castle is diametrically opposite the car park, which means we walked around for 10-15 minutes before we realised where we should be. That was weird as it was just not signposted where the entrance was.

Anyway, what a fab day out! It turns out there was a group who do reconstructions of the civil war there and they were entertaining that day. They don’t just do a display of guns and pikes, they chatter with the crowd, eat, get drunk and generally enjoy themselves. They have living tents set up so you can see just how they would have lived in those days which was really informative and fun.
(They did actually ask me to join them which I was keen to do, but they’ve never written to my email address or phoned me grr!)

I was entertaining the queen at one point when a man came into the royal tent offering me sixpence if he could “have a go at my buxom harlot!” hahaha class it was. I said ‘no I wouldn’t want to rob you’ so my mate got all indignant at me inferring she wasn’t worth sixpence and said she’d give it up for a nice juicy apple if he was interested. I think the man was actally taken aback for a second cos my mate is quite gorgeous and he wasn’t sure if she was kidding or not heh heh He seemed relieved when I assured him that the apple would taste much better than her and he should just eat it.

I secretly tried to sell her 12 year old but the little brat ran off as we were about to strike the deal!

There was a chap there making pikes. He’d joined the group as a volunteer and although he worked full time, he devoted all of his spare time during summer to making pikes for them. He even joined a wood working class so he’d have proper skills. He loved being part of the group and was also quite knowledgeable about pike-making.

The ruins are actually quite interesting as ruins go and the banter with the group was so much fun, so all in all it was a really nice day that we enjoyed a lot.

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  1. awh Gary! what an absolutely fab day out that was! “rupunzel rupunzel let down your hair!” “feck off! Im waiting for a knight!” still makes me giggle thinking about it! your pictures once again are amazing!

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