New generation!

_MG_0667-1I went to Crewe and picked up my new generator today. £580 sounds like a lot, but old knackered Honda EU10’s were going for £450, so I said sod it this one has a Honda engine, lets just go for it.

They threw in a bottle of oil which I thought was not that generous but never mind, I’ve tried it out and it works fine.  It’s easy as pie to work and very quiet,  if I point the exhaust away from the van I can hardly hear it when inside.

The exhaust is a snall ‘pipe’ out the back end and I wish I could get a clear answer from someone as to whether it’s viable to add a piece of metal tubing to this to act as an extra muffler.

It runs for almost 8 hours on a 7.5 litre tank so economy is fairly good, although I’m disappointed that solar panel manufacturers still put such a premium on their products which means they’re not financially viable for me, even though they’re  a preferred option.
I gues the price is high still for panels because schools, councils, businesses etc are the biggest buyers and they traditionally have large budgets and aren’t cost conscious.

Anyway I’m chuffed to bits with it and it allows me that much more freedom.

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