A picture of Whitby church

I love Whitby and after having a nice time in Wales and the north, as I headed down to Malvern for a show I decided to stay over in Whitby on the way.

I like it mostly because it still retains it’s old charm, they haven’t managed to spoil it yet with modern buildings and badly thought out roads. You can still park on the cliff top for free so it makes it a really accessible place to visit. Each time I visit I have to climb the 99 steps.

Picture of the 99 steps in Whitby
Whitby, 99 steps

Each time it doesn’t get any easier! lol but I do see really elderly people climbing up them without stopping so it puts me to shame.

One of these days I am going to go and walk up them without stopping and when I do, that’s what I have to do every time.

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