Say hello to Jack

Picture of my new dog sitting on the chair.

Is this the cutest little puppy you’ve ever seen! My boss has one of these they’re known as Patterdale terriers. The breeder is in Cartmel in the Lake District and after seeing hers I decided this was the one I wanted. I’ve done enough research and he won’t grow very big. Fuck you! to all the rescue centres who turned me down, mostly cos I don’t have a fenced in garden! How restrictive your policies are! In fact one of them laughed at me down the phone when I explained I lived in a van. Well I’ve got my puppy and he’s going to have a fab life so your loss all of the ones I telephoned.

I’d spent about 2 hours with the breeder playing with the remaining 3 puppies and their Mum. They all decided it was bedtime so Mum laid down and the pups and snuggled in for a nap with her. Not Jack. No he was jumping all over me wanting to play still! He was a little bit cheeky too so I decided on that basis he was the dog for me. He’s the most adorable little thing.

Anyway that’s his little toy that the breeder gave me as he seems attached to it.

Picture of a dog lying asleep beside it's owner
Jack asleep beside me

I was sitting watching him playing on the floor and I had a JD in my hand, and I realised that he is almost the same colour as a neat Jack Daniels. So…my puppy is called Jack 🙂 Jack is 9 weeks old and too small to get on and off the sofa at the moment, so he stays on it most of the time with me. When I work he lies down beside me and sleeps peacefully. This is him crammed in between my leg and the sofa back as I work on the laptop.  Awww!

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