Snowdon view

A view of Snowdon from Llanberis
Snowdon view

I took this from Llanberis car park, that’s Snowdon in the background. I feel quite attached to the place since I went up, it’s good to have achievements in your life, especially when you work very hard for them. I like it round here, I recall from way back in 1995 when I worked in mental health and I was tenting around the country on days off. That’s why I came back but I never knew then that Snowdon was here or so accessible.

Picture of an orange haired boy looking after bright yellow boats on a lake
Yellow boats, orange hair

This scene caught my attention because of the bright yellow boats, and the bright orange hair of the young lad operating them. His hair almost matched the interior of the boats. A little splash of colour is always nice during the day 🙂