Picture of two North American Indians at a show
Malvern show

I’d been bought tickets for the Malvern show so I went along to see what it was like and what a day. Gorgeous weather! The show was great and I even tried my hand at line dancing! Far too difficult for me I need lots of practice lol

It may be controversial but…the two Indians in the photo were doing a show. Pretty tacky in parts but very interesting in others. The man however at one point stated how proud he was of being an African-American-North American Indian. Now, I can understand someone wanting to recognise their heritage by saying African-American, it’s not the country you live in that defines you, it’s who you feel you are inside. But anĀ African-American-North American Indian? Make your friggin mind up you bone head! You can’t surely want to identify with 3 different cultures? I mean, what if you live for a year in 9 different countries and relate to them all? What the hell do you call yourself lol I think if you adopt a culture and practice it and even perform in displays to bring that culture to a wider audience, then you’re really saying you are that. How can you then say you are also African, and American too? You cannot be all of those things.

Personally I think that he’s a lost soul looking for somewhere to belong but too scared to let go his links to his past. As an ex soldier who is now looking for a peaceful existence I think he ought to immerse himself fully into his adopted tribe and just say he’s an Indian. At least then he’d have an identity.

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