Jack and Freddie

Picture of two dogs playing
Jack playing with Freddie

Freddie is my friend Al’s dog and is also a Patterdale. Patterdale’s come in these two varieties and the black ones are slightly bigger. Jack can’t actually get onto the sofa yet so it was a bit of a tease putting Freddie on the sofa and Jack on the floor! It was fun though and they played together for ages. It’s nice to get Jack socialised too. He’s turning out quite the little pooch, I made the best choice ever getting him.

Got my new generator

I finally bought a new generator. I chose the SDMO 2kw suitcase model shown below.  It was only £550, which for a generator of it’s power is quite a decent price. The nearest to it was the Honda 2kw which was over £1,500.

Picture of a suitcase type generator
SDMO Booster 2000

It uses the same engine as the Honda, and since trying it I’ve found it lasts about 11-12 hours on one tank of petrol which is about 7 litres, which is phenomenal.  It’s not quite as quiet as the Honda, but it’s quiet enough that if you’re in a noisy place, or 30 feet from anyone it will just sound like an engine running.

Running the van engine was very costly in diesel, and I was told that HDI engines weren’t designed to idle for long, so running it for hours to charge the batteries was going to damage the engine eventually. So far I’m very happy with it and it’s going to save me some cash too.

Welcome Jack :)

Dog stands by lake watching swans
Jack swanning about

Jack seems to have taken to life in the van as if he was born to it, (which he almost was!) and he appears to be content. He’s playing  a lot, sleeping even more, and chewing me loads! I’ve been to get him chipped by  vet in Skelton, who didn’t even have a debit card machine and sent me off to the post office to get some cash. I told him the lifestyle I lead living in my van and traveling here and there, he stated he could see no harm that would come to the dog and then started the long process of inoculations, checks, worming etc etc that a new puppy has to go through.

Once that was all complete I decided to have the weekend in Ullswater as it’s one of my favourite places. I parked in Glenridding and took Jack to the lake for his first visit. As you can see, his instincts are all in place. I was not sure whether he wanted to play with the swans or eat them, although the swans seemed sure of the latter so they stayed a healthy distance away.

Must get rid of that awful collar. I’ve never understood how people can try and control animals with a thing round their neck. I’d like a decent harness for him.
As you can see below he’s not frightened either! He loves people and other dogs, he’s just so sociable. He’s settling in nicely too, I don’t think I’m going to regret getting him.

Jack meets a Jack Russell and makes friends
Jack making friends

Say hello to Jack

Picture of my new dog sitting on the chair.

Is this the cutest little puppy you’ve ever seen! My boss has one of these they’re known as Patterdale terriers. The breeder is in Cartmel in the Lake District and after seeing hers I decided this was the one I wanted. I’ve done enough research and he won’t grow very big. Fuck you! to all the rescue centres who turned me down, mostly cos I don’t have a fenced in garden! How restrictive your policies are! In fact one of them laughed at me down the phone when I explained I lived in a van. Well I’ve got my puppy and he’s going to have a fab life so your loss all of the ones I telephoned.

I’d spent about 2 hours with the breeder playing with the remaining 3 puppies and their Mum. They all decided it was bedtime so Mum laid down and the pups and snuggled in for a nap with her. Not Jack. No he was jumping all over me wanting to play still! He was a little bit cheeky too so I decided on that basis he was the dog for me. He’s the most adorable little thing.

Anyway that’s his little toy that the breeder gave me as he seems attached to it.

Picture of a dog lying asleep beside it's owner
Jack asleep beside me

I was sitting watching him playing on the floor and I had a JD in my hand, and I realised that he is almost the same colour as a neat Jack Daniels. So…my puppy is called Jack 🙂 Jack is 9 weeks old and too small to get on and off the sofa at the moment, so he stays on it most of the time with me. When I work he lies down beside me and sleeps peacefully. This is him crammed in between my leg and the sofa back as I work on the laptop.  Awww!


Picture of two North American Indians at a show
Malvern show

I’d been bought tickets for the Malvern show so I went along to see what it was like and what a day. Gorgeous weather! The show was great and I even tried my hand at line dancing! Far too difficult for me I need lots of practice lol

It may be controversial but…the two Indians in the photo were doing a show. Pretty tacky in parts but very interesting in others. The man however at one point stated how proud he was of being an African-American-North American Indian. Now, I can understand someone wanting to recognise their heritage by saying African-American, it’s not the country you live in that defines you, it’s who you feel you are inside. But an African-American-North American Indian? Make your friggin mind up you bone head! You can’t surely want to identify with 3 different cultures? I mean, what if you live for a year in 9 different countries and relate to them all? What the hell do you call yourself lol I think if you adopt a culture and practice it and even perform in displays to bring that culture to a wider audience, then you’re really saying you are that. How can you then say you are also African, and American too? You cannot be all of those things.

Personally I think that he’s a lost soul looking for somewhere to belong but too scared to let go his links to his past. As an ex soldier who is now looking for a peaceful existence I think he ought to immerse himself fully into his adopted tribe and just say he’s an Indian. At least then he’d have an identity.


A picture of Whitby church

I love Whitby and after having a nice time in Wales and the north, as I headed down to Malvern for a show I decided to stay over in Whitby on the way.

I like it mostly because it still retains it’s old charm, they haven’t managed to spoil it yet with modern buildings and badly thought out roads. You can still park on the cliff top for free so it makes it a really accessible place to visit. Each time I visit I have to climb the 99 steps.

Picture of the 99 steps in Whitby
Whitby, 99 steps

Each time it doesn’t get any easier! lol but I do see really elderly people climbing up them without stopping so it puts me to shame.

One of these days I am going to go and walk up them without stopping and when I do, that’s what I have to do every time.