Window pain

I’d been down to Wisbech to see some friends, and parked up in a layby for the night after leaving. I had intended to go across to the lakes but I was tired so parked up in one of those deep laybys screened from the road by trees. It was deserted so I expected a quiet nights sleep.

And I got one.

I slept in the top bunk as I sometimes did, partly because it’s much warmed up there. I have developed the art of jumping straight into the bunk from the floor to save getting the ladder out. Yes I know, lazy! but what the heck lol.

Anyway I’d left the window open as I can’t sleep without fresh air and I was woken by such a racket! As I came awake there was such a roaring and banging and god knows what and I just lay there for a second wondering what in hell’s name was going on.
Anyway, it was a lorry driving past, tearing my open window off as it went! I leapt down into the van in time to see my window lying in pieces in the road and the lorry about to leave the layby. I leaned over and blasted the horn but it had no effect so I reached for the keys and decided to set off after him. After stubbing my toe really hard on the drivers seat base. Ouch!

So, there’s me barely awake, just in my boxers, driving down the road chasing this lorry. *sigh* My life! ¬†Anyway I’d only gone a short way when I realised the mad flapping noise was not just the wind rushing through the missing window, but in fact the duvet which was being sucked out of the window and was flapping it’s way down the side of the van. I decided the best thing to do was stop and sort it out.

Returning to the layby I repaired it as best I could with cardboard, a bin liner and some cheap duct tape. I then spent that morning trying to find a new window and guess what? £220 bloody quid! For a piece of plastic 3 feet by 1 foot! Bloody disgrace. But I have to have it so I now face a trip to Herne Bay which is the closest Barrons who has one in stock. *sigh* My life!

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