Party selfie

Went down to Plymouth with some mates to have a big party. A lot of us hadn’t met before obviously but it worked really well anyway. Met up with some old chums, met some new ones.

A picture of a couple of dozen people posing for the camera in a garden
Garden party

The gorgeous Becky! (second from left)MMMMMM. lol Here’s a selfie with most of those who went. That’s me of course standing with my crotch resting on Paul’s┬áhead. Just to my left is a girl in a silver top. She’s a right hottie but she became seriously ill later after being bitten by a tick and developing Lyme’s disease. She’d post photos on Facebook showing her with her eyes bleeding. It’s an awful disease, keep safe if you’re out in the countryside.

We had a fabulous day and night and 4 of us including Becky went to bed in my camper. We didn’t sleep, we were like kids on a sleepover and giggled and farted about so much we didn’t settle til about 5 am. Well hell you only get one life you may as well try and live it eh?

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