Party selfie

Went down to Plymouth with some mates to have a big party. A lot of us hadn’t met before obviously but it worked really well anyway. Met up with some old chums, met some new ones.

A picture of a couple of dozen people posing for the camera in a garden
Garden party

The gorgeous Becky! (second from left)MMMMMM. lol Here’s a selfie with most of those who went. That’s me of course standing with my crotch resting on Paul’s┬áhead. Just to my left is a girl in a silver top. She’s a right hottie but she became seriously ill later after being bitten by a tick and developing Lyme’s disease. She’d post photos on Facebook showing her with her eyes bleeding. It’s an awful disease, keep safe if you’re out in the countryside.

We had a fabulous day and night and 4 of us including Becky went to bed in my camper. We didn’t sleep, we were like kids on a sleepover and giggled and farted about so much we didn’t settle til about 5 am. Well hell you only get one life you may as well try and live it eh?


A red, grey squirrel
A red, grey squirrel

I visited Worcester because a man here knows how to install batteries and a battery to battery charger. Not knowing anything at all about electrics I elected to have this man who came highly recommended, do the honours and I could learn from how he did it later. He was keen for me to not stand over him as he worked, so I went into town to mooch around. 
The town centre is same old same old. Same shops as anywhere, nothing really that makes it stand out from any other town in the UK. However it’s riverside is very nice. 

The river floods almost every year but there are dozens of swans that live on the river, feeding regularly from the tourists who flock by the riverside and drink in the beer gardens there. The walk along the riverbank is actually really nice in summer although cyclists tend to dominate and spoil it as you are constantly dodging them. 

The cathedral is amazing and the best thing about the town. I love cathedrals even though I am not a religious person. I think of them from the perspective of all the poor people who gave money to build them even when they had nothing to start with. I hope the solace the cathedrals offered was enough to pay back for the pennies they were able to give. 

I like this town and I love that I saw what I thought was a red squirrel here. I sent the photo to a squirrel organisation who said ti was actually a grey squirrel, but probably it’s colouring came from interbreeding. Oh well it was cute anyway. 








Red or dead!

A red squirrel is seen sitting on a fence ready to scavenge in a litter bin
Red squirrel

Well I’d come down to Worcester to get that charger fitted and there I was, sitting minding my own business when a red squirrel shows his face. He ran along the fence then started scavenging for food. So I grabbed the camera and snapped off a few pictures.The more I looked at them though, the more I thought that although he was red, he didn’t look like a red squirrel.

So I emailed Christine Westerback of the Save Our Squirrels Project, (part of the Northumberland Wildlife Trust) and asked if she could confirm.
She later did confirm that although it was red, it was not a red squirrel.

I had suspected because of it’s colour, not red enough and the size, I felt it was slightly large for a red squirrel. She pointed out that no grey squirrels have tufts on their ears, which our reds do for about 11 months of the year. Hmmmm I didn’t know that.

I wonder if they’re any further forward in finding a cure for squirrelpox?

A photo of Worcester cathedral and riverside

Worcester is a really nice place. I sometimes stay for a couple of nights if I’m passing simply because I like it here. Apparently some video company got wrong off the church because they filmed in the cathedral, but it was for a gruesome killing spree type video game and they hadn’t said.

As it turns out the people who fitted my battery to battery charger were about a mile up the road, but when I came to see them I didn’t venture into this part of town so had no idea it was so nice.