Visiting Jane

Picture of a smartly dressed woman in my van
My friend Jane

After my exploit in Ipswich I came up to Sutton Coldfield to see my friend Jane. She’s just qualified as a social worker and is one of my best mates.

When I visit her I use a lay-by to park the camper in which is a mile or two outside of Sutton Coldfield. It’s quite a deep one and is usually full of lorries who spend the night there before going off to deliver their goods. I’d been there many times but one night I heard a revving of engines and some youths screeching. I went to the window and as I did there was a thud on the side of the van.

Image of dents in the side of a camper
damaged van

The thud turned out to be a beer bottle that had been thrown at the van. In the first image you can clearly see the two dents from the tough rim of the top and bottom of the bottle. I went to get my torch, which is a 3 million candlepower thing that is almost like carrying a car headlight around. I find it a very useful weapon as it intimidates people if you shine it in their faces.

Anyway, so I got it out and started shining it on the faces of the 3 lads that were

Picture of a dent in the side of a camper
Another dent

standing outside of the car. As I switched it on there was another thump and a second bottle hit the van. This one hit neck first and left a more gouged dent in the thin aluminium skin of the van.

I walked towards the group who were about 30 yards away yelling and shining my light in their faces but like the immature idiots that they were they all jumped back in their cars and sped off. Wankers!

So now I have a damaged van and for what? They were jealous of me parked in a motorhome? I’ve had lots of hooters (people who blast their horn as they drive past) and quite a few ignorant gits but never aggression like this. I shall be wary in future!

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