Away with the fairies

A group of people fund raising in a pub
Away with the fairies

Some weeks ago a woman I knew called Charlotte was complaining that a friend had let her down. He had promised to come dressed as a fairy to help raise funds for Great Ormond Street children’s hospital. It’s one of the few charities I do admire so I instantly said I’d help out and fill the gap.

So there I was being tied into a basque and having make-up applied! However, it was the most fantastic evening, we raised tons of money and had quite the best laugh ever!  In the pic are Nicci, Chris, Kev, Bridie, Mark, Tasha and of course me as the fairy. I think Charlie was taking the photo.

I absolutely make no excuses for the photos on the night, we were raising money for charity therefore anything we did was fine!

Tasha was a little honey and made everyone a huge fried breakfast the next morning. She’ll make someone a fine wife!

A drunk woman cuddling a drunk man
Me and Charlie
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