Away with the fairies

A group of people fund raising in a pub
Away with the fairies

Some weeks ago a woman I knew called Charlotte was complaining that a friend had let her down. He had promised to come dressed as a fairy to help raise funds for Great Ormond Street children’s hospital. It’s one of the few charities I do admire so I instantly said I’d help out and fill the gap.

So there I was being tied into a basque and having make-up applied! However, it was the most fantastic evening, we raised tons of money and had quite the best laugh ever!  In the pic are Nicci, Chris, Kev, Bridie, Mark, Tasha and of course me as the fairy. I think Charlie was taking the photo.

I absolutely make no excuses for the photos on the night, we were raising money for charity therefore anything we did was fine!

Tasha was a little honey and made everyone a huge fried breakfast the next morning. She’ll make someone a fine wife!

A drunk woman cuddling a drunk man
Me and Charlie

It never rains but it pours

It rained heavily today and it was ages before I sussed that the box Isatlan had fitted to the roof was leaking rain like a fucking torrent into my wardrobe!!

Those bastards!!

OK I’m calm now.

It’s been non-stop issues with Isatlan, I wish I had gone with my instinct and not bought from them. What they did was they drilled a hole about 30mm through the roof, glued a large, plastic junction box over the top of it and fed all the cables through into the wardrobe where the modem, controller and router are.

It did indeed look like a pretty thorough job, however the rain came straight through and soaked everything in the wardrobe.
Musa had me go to the unit where he took the box off, and started from scratch putting it back on.
I hope for his sake it works!


I am heartily sick to my back teeth of Isatlan and Musa. He does not have the faintest idea what he is doing!

I contacted Ned Spencer from Point systems who tried to help and he said Musa is actually well known in the industry for failed installations.

I also spoke to Barry Lieberman from Ethnet. They are the UK reseller for Datastorm bandwidth and equipment so they should know, however a phone call to him proved inconclusive except he also said he knew of Musa and was constantly fixing his mistakes. Bridge internet said the same as did everyone I’ve spoken to!

I almost felt sorry for Musa being so widely known in an industry for being inept, but then I remember my £8,000 and all sympathy goes out of the window!