I can find my way anywhere now

I’m off down to Luton to meet some friends, so I’ve been into Halfords in Penrith and bought a TomTom Go satnav.

TomTom One SatnavIt was quite funny that Halfords have big signs up everywhere saying free fitting. But when the lad came out he couldn’t figure out how it went together lol I’ve got quite good spatial ability so I could see clearly, but he obviously wasn’t going to get it.

I debated to myself playing dumb and letting him muddle his way through. But I knew I’d get bored and I wanted to be off anyway, so I showed him how it went together and stuck on the windscreen. Of course then he wanted to show me it’s basic operation. That was good, that’s what he’s trained to do. But I lied and said I’d had one before and knew how it worked. I really just wanted to be off and I knew I’d suss it anyway.

I stuck my mates address in and it said…4 hours and 20 minutes! Best get cracking then!


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