Elecsol anyone?

I’ve decided on my batteries. I have only 1 battery which is a 100 ahr that I got when I bought the van 2 years ago. But to run the satellite rig and a laptop from the van, through an inverter, I’m going to have to do better. I went to a local caravan shop today and they had 4 Elecsols left, at £100 each but he did me a deal. 🙂

Image of a carbon fibre battery
Elecsol 110 amp battery

The Elecsol have carbon fibre inside which is lighter than some matting materials, and very strong. They’re much smaller and lighter than most 100 ahr batteries so that’s a  good thing. Apparently they can be discharged lower and left discharged for longer than any other batteries on the market. I’ve no way of knowing if their claims are true of course.

They come recommended by the Caravan Club too so I’ve bitten the bullet and shelled out for these. I don’t really know what I’m doing but I have to start somewhere right?

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