Typical home bird

I’ve found a very odd thing in the few weeks since I first started living in the van. Well I’ve found several odd things! But the main one is how close I stay to home. Or what I used to call home. I suppose it’s still home cos I own the flat and my belongings are still in it, but it doesn’t feel like home. However I’ll call it that simply as a reference.

Anyway, the odd thing is that I have never strayed far from home since I began my adventure. I’ve parked overnight in Chester le Street in a park, in Birtley in a car park, in Washington in a car park, and a variety of other places all within a few miles of home. Now for someone who has hankered after a mobile home for years, has travelled the UK in one already and is committing large sums of money and time to living in one, it feels weird that I am not going far. I suppose it’s just that feeling of getting used to the van and the new habits I have to adopt to live in it.

I still go back to the flat to do laundry and get a bath and wash up stuff, really I need to stop that as I am going to rent it out when she leaves so…

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