We came to Barcelona mainly cos Jo wanted to go somewhere for my birthday and this was her choice. It’s a canny old drive, we took a few days to do it so that we saw bits on the way and didn’t get too tired. 
It is an odd city, I would not go back again because of the crime and violence, but we did enjoy the legacy of Gaudi that we saw everywhere. A tram journey was particularly nice and took in many buildings designed by Gaudi. 

The street performers are many, and really entertaining with some amazing costumes. However this was the first and only time I have seen a street performer actively putting people off from taking photos. Apparently if you had not paid them you were not allowed to take photos. 
The night life was bustling and I had my very first steak here, which was vile. It has put me off steak for life. 

We loved seeing the sights, I’m glad we came, but I would never return.