Tushie Law, Scotland

Many years ago now I was away camping with the kids in a hired Metro (remember them!) and we were touring the borders of Scotland. I love the area around the Ettrick valley and had hiked there many times so I wanted the kids to see where I’d been. It’s very remote, which is good as you can really connect with nature. 
This time though I had arranged to meet a friend who camped at  a campsite in Tushie Law and spend a few days with them. They also had small kids so we felt they’d all get along. I had our tent in the boot and we were going to pitch it next to their caravan. 

Finding it in the days before satnavs was not easy and we got there with only a squirt left in the petrol tank. My friends hubby eventually drove to the nearest garage which was a half hour drive away in Galashiels, but I managed to get there and fill up thankfully. 

Anyway, the campsite was really simple but nice and we got on with the owner so we decided to pop up there for a bit of a break. It’s right by a river and is chock full of midgies in season but there’s a local potter lives 100 yards from the site so that’s interesting to go and see their work. It’s also the most amazing walk along the Captain’s Road to St Mary’s loch, get an amazing meal in the Tibbie Shiels inn and then hitch a ride back to Tushie Law. 

I’ve been back there a hundred times and never tire of the beautiful scenery.