We had been wanting to go to Prague for some time but just never seemed to get the opportunity. It’s an ancient city of Europe being founded in the late 800’s, although now in what they call the Czech Republic it has lost nothing of it’s charm and attraction. 
We didn’t find a whole lot to do there but a major draw was the old astronomical clock with all of it’s moving parts which we did see in action. The Charles bridge is also nice but a short lived pleasure. On the west side of the bridge were some very entertaining and noisy pubs which we thoroughly enjoyed especially as our visit was in late December so it was bitterly cold the whole time. 

We were advised to check out the Jewish quarter but all we found was old, plain buildings. Maybe we missed something of note but we wandered around for a while and left as there did not seem to be much to do. 
We returned to the market square where stalls were set up as a christmas market. They were clearly hastily and cheaply set up but they did give off a faint spirit of christmas. One stall was selling Gluhwein which is a spicy red wine heated up to warm your cockles in the winter. However what we got was actually Ribena with boiling water. We had a chuckle at their cheek and drank it anyway to warm us up. 

The changing of the guard at Prague Castle was interesting although there wasn’t many people about for it. For some reason the photos of that event have disappeared so sorry, but I have no digital memory of them. The cathedral was also impressive, I think it’s the largest in Prague. 
Back in town we also saw a large bridge structure connecting one building to another. It very much resembled the Bridge of Sighs in Venice. 

Here’s a few photos that did come out.