We have found a city in Belgium called Bruges that we were recommended to visit while we were in Austria. There were some holidaymakers who recommended we come here so we thought we’d try it out as neither of us had been to Belgium. 

The initial feeling about Bruges was very nice! The old town looks very old and very pretty although we were surprised to find that vehicles ares till allowed to drive through the ancient city centre. 

There’s not tons to do in Bruges although there’s enough to keep you very busy for a weekend, but it’s nice just to explore the shops filled with over priced Belgian chocolate, or go in the cafes and buy over priced food and maybe visit a pub with over priced beer. Going up the tower for views was fun.
We chose to sit by one of the canals one night and pay through the nose for beer. It actually was a nice night although there was barely anyone around bar us. 

I liked the night bus. Basically it was 1 price for zone 1, a different price for zone 2 and 3 etc and you could be dropped almost at your door in whichever zone you were in. The bus driver was a person who had lived in South Africa, Australia, France and Germany. 

The camp site, Camping Memling was vastly over priced especially for being out of season. We only paid for 1 night and left the next day.