We didn’t fall at Dochart

The Falls of Dochart, at the end of Loch Tay in Stirling, a canny find as we meandered along in the camper. We weren’t looking for anything, just mooching around and we saw the sign for the falls so went to investigate. 

It was April so a cold day and there had been plenty rain recently, so the falls were impressive. The village is quite nice too but we didn’t stay long as it was too cold. 

I took  some photos of course 🙂

Here’s an interesting story. The photos here were taken on a new camera, a Sony DSC 828 which had not at this point been released in the UK and I lusted after the camera. We had just been to Rome and on the journey back I saw it in an airport shop. It was of course expensive being a brand new model so I bought it using my Barclaycard. Now Barclaycard had just started this brand new insurance for all purchases over £100 so I decided to get that as it was free.

Anyway, I bought the camera and on return to Newcastle airport it was stolen from where we sat in the cafe. I informed police immediately and asked them to check CCTV. They gave me a crime number and I reported it to Barclaycard. Barclaycard were brilliant and simply refunded me the cost of the camera under the insurance scheme I had joined ! (Meanwhile I was still chasing CCTV from the airport police)

Anyway the camera did turn up and was returned to me, so I wrote to Barclaycard to explain. They said the case is closed now so forget it. wow. So I got my £700 camera for free. Thanks to the thief who took it originally!

Oddly, a year later Barclaycard stopped that insurance scheme because not enough people were claiming on it so it was classed as non viable. Odd eh?

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