Look what I did!

We have been having a fantastic time this last year. This camper I bought is the best thing I ever did. We’ve been around the UK so much almost every single weekend and had a few week and 2 week holidays in it. I’ve been away more than Jo as she was tired of roaming. I think a bit of friction there although she still loves it.

Anyway, I sold it. On Ebay where I first bought it, and for the same price. the guys who bought it had rung me and travelled all the way from Wales that day. They did try to rip me off with the money, but eagle eyed Jo spotted it and told me so I got the rest back. Anyway, it’s gone now, apparently as accommodation for some guys who worked for them. 

Picture of a motorhome
Elddis Firestorm

But guess what I did? I went and bought a brand new motorhome! 

Elddis 200 Firestorm, bought from Barrons today. I am canny excited! We’re planning a trip already to France. 

Having had the camper for a year we decided we liked it so much that we’d buy a brand new one with all the trimmings lol So this has a full oven with 4 burner hob, fridge, toilet, shower, and of course 2 double beds. It’s brand new and we are both in love with it. We had to haggle like hell to get them to include a gas bottle as normally they don’t. But it has a leisure battery.

Very sadly we did feel ostracised now and again in our old van, which we also loved, but people looked down on us as it was old and worn out. Bastards. 

Anyway we’re going to christen it fairly quickly as we can’t wait to try everything out. Of course the first thing I did was take some pictures 🙂

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