Loch Morlich

I’d heard of Aviemore and I knew there was a ski range and a mountain there. So when I saw a sign for it I turned off the main road and headed for it. This is how I have found some of my most fave spots. 

Loch Morlich
Loch Morlich

On the way we found a loch called Morlich so we decided to stop to explore. There was a visitor centre there, sports centre, campsite and shops. So we parked in the gravel car park which was littered with trees and set out to explore. 

We found a little beach where the watersports launched from and we found out that the ‘Heroes of Telemark’ from the second world war had trained here. Apparently to this day people find spent bullets, cartridges and pieces of grenade on the beach. 

This was a pretty place and could easily be walked around in a couple of hours so we decided to stay the night. It was very peaceful with hardly anyone around and we guessed we would get a nice nights sleep and go for walks in the morning.

I am using my Sony DSC-F828 that I bought from Rome airport and I am quite liking taking photos again so some of these shots are repetitive while I practice getting better results.

Here’s a few I took while we were here.

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